Redman Solutions | Support Agreement
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The Redman Solutions Support Agreement (“the agreement”) is to be read in conjunction with the Vendor Software Licence Agreement. The agreement is applicable where an annual support contract is renewed through Redman Solutions. By proceeding with your renewal through Redman Solutions you accept the terms and conditions set out below in relation to your support and product upgrades.


Our Support Team of local and experienced technical consultants are available from 8.30am to 5.00pm AEST Monday to Friday (excluding Brisbane Public Holidays). The Support team work within these hours to resolve your technical issues.


A request for support may be lodged in the following ways:

1.     Through the support portal:

2.     By phone: 1300 797 097

3.     By email:

What next?

Support requests are immediately lodged and tracked within our support system and you will receive a response within four (4) business hours for most issues. If your support issue requires immediate attention (for example a software failure that is severely impacting your business’ functions) please make that clear to our Support Team in your support request.

Our team investigates how to resolve your reported issues. We work to identify a resolution or suitable work-around as quickly as possible. Issues that our team can’t resolve are forwarded to the vendor for further investigation. We keep working with you and the vendor to ensure that you get the answer you need from the vendor within a reasonable time frame.

When a case has been resolved it is closed in our tracking system and you are notified by email. Our email also gives you the opportunity to provide our Support Team with some feedback about their response.