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Our process starts with fresh thinking for age-old problems. We look deeper so we can rethink the big picture and deliver sharper solutions because solving the problem is just the beginning.
When we envision an outcome, we don’t just look at the surface, we strive to create genuine change and reinvigorate local government teams. This means doing much more than just implementing new software. We connect the dots between your people, processes and technology because we know empowering local government people means helping communities thrive.
We are all about connecting the dots between your people, processes and technology because we know empowering your people means helping communities thrive. We started this journey of curiosity in 2004 when our founding director Geoff Redman started Redman Solutions (then known as GPR) to distribute email archiving software in Australia. Geoff has countless decades in Local Government and enterprise software, with a heritage containing CXO level appointments in Australian Councils.
Geoff has a long-standing working relationship with Grahame Wan, Redman Solutions Chief Information Officer. Grahame commenced work with GPR in 2004 after a long career in enterprise software development.
At the coal face of Redman Solutions growth and direction is Michael Redman. As the CEO, Michael has brought with him Fresh thinking and a purpose. Redman ‘start with Why’ philosophy and our People, Process and Technology values are lead from the top.
We solve common problems of local governments – but that doesn’t mean our solutions are commonplace. With a discovery team (account managers) aligned across Australia and New Zealand, we are quick to find sharper solutions with fresh thinking for age-old problems.
Ted Gale is our man on the ground in Victoria and Tasmania. With 40+ years of purposeful work within government, Ted is well connected, sympathetic to your nuances and genuine in his approach to solving solutions. Our founding Director Geoff Redman watches over Northern Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia – while being quite busy on the ground, we couldn’t think of a more connected or inspiring leader to take the reigns in these greenfield locations. Kurtis Redman digs deeper in South East Queensland and New South Wales, looking after the lions share of our long-standing clientele. Maria Willison rounds out our discovery team in New Zealand.
For our delivery consultants, digging deeper starts with opening our ears, and listening for core problems. We keep digging until we strike gold, which for us means identifying the real issues that are holding you back. We then innovate until we create the perfect solution – a solution that helps local governments and their communities thrive. Matthew Pearce is the head of solutions for Redman, who works alongside Jade Reed in Australia and Maria Willison in New Zealand to dig deeper, think fresher and solve better across our range of solutions.
Being the CIO does not get Grahame Wan away from the coal face not that we’d ever get him away from what he is so great at – listening, innovating and solving client’s email, EDMS andPCI DSS challenges.
Jake Carnall not only leads the support team, he also delivers exceptional cloud solution implementations on site across APAC
We’re not just a team of problem solvers and task-tickers, we’re big thinkers so we can innovate greater solutions to help local governments and their communities thrive. Lead by Jake Carnall, our support team is known as approachable, curious and committed to growing thriving relationships with our clients. Backing up Jake is Darren Hunt who brings fresh thinking to our Managed Services squad as well as Nathan Ryan who handles our eApprovals tickets. The dynamic Kylie Acevedo is our go-to and energetic administration wizz.
What is at the pinnacle of a growing company? A genuine and enriching Operations and HR manager of course. Danielle Booth leads our team behind the scenes. She inspires, energises and ignites all of the team to dig deeper and think fresher.
Remember those Oral B dentist adverts where they couldn’t show the faces of the dentists that used the products? Well our lead developer Jeff Mouat holds a similar stature amongst the top tier of government-focused developers in the APAC region. Jeff has 25+ years experience integrating into and around enterprise software solutions/platforms and brings a full stack wealth of knowledge to the Redman team.
We are always looking to expand our team with people who fit our company values. Do you think you would be a good fit? Contact us to explore your options.
We live our values by listening to our clients  and  being open to receiving constructive feedback that is designed to help us keep improving.
Let us know how we can serve you better