Digitising an ePlanning department

In 2012, Cardinia Shire Council made an active decision to move towards Activity Based Working (ABW). This transition was to coincide with the Council’s relocation to a new building, of which would be state of the art and support collaborative work activities rather than drawing a boundary around staff member’s personal work spaces.


The benefits of ABW are higher concentration and productivity as well as less sedentary in staff during the day. Collaboration is more likely to happen and staff become more mindful of their tasks and productivity.

Cardinia started the move towards ABW by developing support systems and rolling out solutions that would enable traditionally clunky business units to transition to a digital-only workflow, negating the need to have team members tied to a particular desk or office.

The planning and building departments (eApprovals) were recognised as needing an examination of the support systems relevant to ABW. The traditionally paper-based department’s needed solutions based on the people, processes and ultimately the technology involving their daily processes to reduce the receiving, processing and storage of paper-based plans.


The problem was related to legacy processes where plans were received and processed in hard copy, slowing down application times. To compound the pain points of paper, the business units were also slow to register applications in their Electronic Document Management System (EDRMS).

Redman Solutions was engaged to assist the Cardinia planning team to work towards a paperless environment. With over a dozen desired outcomes, the Redman team was able to implement processes and technology solutions to meet 100% of the desired results.

Cardinia ABW Stats.PNG

What desired outcomes were discovered in the planning sessions?

A paperless eApprovals process was the keystone to the end result, this could only be possible through increased use of technology and collaboration. The collaboration tangent was further segmented down to flexible workstations, staff development, relationship building and leadership engagement. Mobility meant that staff were no longer tied to a particular desk, introducing technology to improve the old paper processes.

With all evidence forecast on improved productivity and stakeholder engagement, the speed and transparency of application times would answer an important outcome of the eApprovals business unit – remaining central to their community, at all times providing accurate information for applicants and referral agencies.

The technology solution that resulted from a discovery process.

Redman Solutions internal discovery measure for an organisations improvement is founded around our e3 program. e3 is the ability to drive innovation in an organisation through continuous improvement. An organisation’s people and processes are a pivotal part of this journey and although a technology platform acquisition may improve a process, it is rarely the sole contributor to success.

Internally Redman was able to identify the paper touch points needing improvement. This discovery led to the recommendation of Objective Trapeze as the platform in which the planners and building teams could begin to remove hard copy paper from their daily work flow. Objective Trapeze enables work with complex plans and drawings digitally, offering annotation, stamping, measuring and more importantly a synchronisation to Cardinia Shire Council’s Record Management System HP Trim/RM8.