Objective Trapeze light table use case

The light table tool in Objective Trapeze allows the overlay of two plans to which can then be saved as a new document. 

Sutherland Shire Council’s planning department frequently uses the light table functions to measure the Deep Soil Area of proposed apartment complexes.

Objective Trapeze Light Table Tool

The overlay tool allows the Sutherland team quick analysis of apartment design plans for Deep Soil Area calculations. With NSW’s Residential Flat Design Code (RFDC) updating to the newer ‘Apartment Design Code’ (ADG), the required Deep Soil Area is now 7% of a site’s area in contrast to the previous rule of thumb of 25% of the open space. The planning team can use Light Table overlays to quickly establish the Deep Soil rations of any set of plans, speeding up the application process.

This article is part of a larger case study from Sutherland Shire Council that can be found here.