Extending a core system with custom development

The REAM action buttons on the top of an Archive Manager search results page are powerful tools to unlock your ability to use Archive Manager across any device and outside of an organisation firewall.

To align with modern processes with often include field work or the need to view content on devices, we developed these REAM action buttons to help with interaction on any touch device, as well as adding the ability to push any email directly to Outlook.

The three common buttons are:

View Message: Used to open a message directly in Archive Manager that cannot be double-clicked to open on a tablet or touch device. This button unlocks your ability to view any archived email, anywhere.

Open in Outlook: Covered in last week’s post here, this button gives greater control over replies and forwarding by using your own email client and your own list of contacts. Although Archive Manager has the ability to reply to emails within its interface, the user loses a lot of Outlook functionality in doing so.

Show Conversation: A lot of email archiving solutions flatten emails to singular existence, losing the ability to view a complete conversation in one window. the REAM show conversation button allows the user to open and view all emails contained in one thread with just one click. This feature automagically trawls through your email archives and finds/collates your emails.

The Action Buttons once installed will appear above the search results window panel in Archive Manager. The individual buttons that appear here depend on which options you selected during the REAM (Redman Extension for Archive Manager) installation. If for example you only selected to add the ‘Print Message’ button when installing REAM then the ‘Print Message’ button will be the only button shown here. The features of these buttons also appear as right-click options when selecting one or multiple messages on a computer.

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