Comprehensive End to End
Formal Consultation Submission Management  


Our comprehensive end to end submissions management system allows your Council to control your whole submission processes in one system, saving time & reducing cost.

Designed for local government, it caters for unique requirements such as reporting, recording of responses, recommendations and decisions and outputs ready for the Council agenda or public viewing.

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Better connect with, and respond to your community.

Handle all your submission processes in one system that also integrates with your corporate document management system.


Multiple types and sizes

The solution has been designed to handle various consultation types, multiple users and large submitter numbers.

Systems Integration

The software integrates with systems used by local government, including Authority (Civica) Pathway (INFOR), TechnologyOne suite, Objective ECM and HP/TRIM to manage documents and access customer details.


Notified consents

Our solution can incorporate both the Local Government Area and Regional Management Area (including further submissions), notified consents and survey submissions processes.


This webinar was recorded by Engage2 in the lead up to the EngageTech Forum held in Auckland, New Zealand on 15 May 2019. This presentation introduces Redman Solutions, explains the story of how our submission management solution came to be, and provides an overview of some of the key features that the solution has to help councils deliver seamless, online formal community consultation.


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