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Modernise Council Meetings

Streamline End-to-end Agenda and Meeting Management 

Streamline, Automate and Execute from one Central Portal

Resolve is a responsive web-based agenda and meeting management solution that improves communication, collaboration, participation, and engagement.


Simplify Agenda Creation

Simplify the entire council meeting process with a user-friendly interface and agenda creation module.

Create items in seconds, access past, current and future meeting information, easily track changes, and set standard approval processes.


Resolve eliminates time consuming tasks for staff members and provides transparency and open communication.


Run the Meeting

Provide meeting content to councillors and executives in a simple to use, fully integrated portal. 


Display discussion items and vote results, automate meeting attendance and publish meeting minutes directly from the system.


 Simple to use and accessible, Resolve is tried and tested with councillors across Australia and New Zealand.


The Ultimate in Accessibility

Browser-based and accessible from any device, stakeholders can access, create and update from one simple platform. 

Upload meeting agendas, minutes, and video content from one central location and seamlessly edit and update to execute at speed.

Resolve allows your council staff to work faster, and provides easy access for communities.

Rusty Windmill

"Built my minutes, in minutes and LOVED the experience."

Thames Coromandel District Council Governance Advisor 

Council agendas and minutes made easy

Council staff, elected members, and community members live in an instant access world where they expect information to be available with a few clicks of a mouse.


Isn’t it time your Council’s agendas, minutes and documented decisions were available this easily too?

  • Eliminate time consuming tasks for staff members and email approval process​

  • Create templated agenda formats to be used across specific meetings​ and view past, current and future content

  • Provide transparency and open communication by allowing members of the public to view and download agendas and minutes, 


Increase Public Participation

Provide transparency and open communication for your community​ with an easy to use Add-in to your website for Meeting Administrators to self manage.


The result of this? The latest information always available to the public, therefore increasing transparency and building trust.​​

  • Share live and on-demand video of your meetings with our fully integrated and bookmarked Video (or Audio) service ​

  • Allow community members to view and download agendas, reports and minutes​

  • Retain 100% ownership of content for as long as it is published.​


Support All Stakeholders

Looking for an end-to-end Meeting Management solution that benefits all? 
We understand the complexities of council meetings and the various moving parts - that's why we have designed a solution that streamlines the process for all involved.


  • Simplify the process with a user-friendly interface and agenda creation module​

  • Create consistent agenda formats​ and add items with specified deadlines and approval processes

  • Eliminate time-consuming tasks for staff​


  • Access agendas and minutes and conduct electronic roll call and voting from any device ​


  • Add and save personal notes and comments to agenda items to prepare for future meetings​​

  • Control the meeting from one central location


  • Create items in seconds and meeting minutes with a built-in solution

  • Capture meeting attendance with roll call feature​ and view comments, motions and votes for individual items

  • Increase efficiencies and administrate with ease


  • Use search filters to view and download agendas, documents and minutes​ 

  • Receive notifications when an agenda and supporting documents are uploaded​ to the portal

  • Navigate to bookmarked sections on streamed video​

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Create, Access and Edit

All from within one platform

Agenda Creation

Reclaim time by creating templated agenda formats in seconds

Live Meeting Manager

Publish Meeting Minutes with Automatic Bookmarked Video 

Report Preparation

Compile reports in a simple to use editor from directly within the platform

Councillor Portal

Provide updated meeting content, activate notifications and access private notes

Live Streaming

Stream live proceedings and seamlessly integrate all video content into your agendas


Conduct electronic roll calls and initiate voting with a a few clicks

Let's Talk

Ready to improve communication, collaboration, participation, and engagement among meeting administrators, managers, elected officials
and community members?

About Resolve

Over the years, our many conversations with local government have reinforced the need to streamline a critical process - the Council Meeting. 

Resolve is an end-to-end Agenda and Meeting Management solution that has been designed to eliminate inefficiencies, increase collaboration and enhance transparency.

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