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Redman Solutions is continuously looking to help our clients meet their ever-changing privacy obligations. Continual vigilance is vital as legislative changes occur often and require updates to data management, storage and collection processes. Depending on your industry sector the impact of these changes can be different.

For example, you may have a requirement to remain PCI DSS compliant, or perhaps you need to know which Personally Identifiable Information (PII) records you can legally store, or you need to find and redact credit card or tax file numbers inside your corporate systems. Whatever your needs are in this area, reach out and let’s discuss how we can assist.

Ultimately, we’ll work with you so that you understand your current potential risk exposure, where non-compliant data is stored and why, and collaborate with your subject matter experts to reduce your risk and develop a position of clarity with the data you intend to keep.

“Redman Solutions worked with us to address redaction needs within our legacy data. They were prompt, reliable, professional and helped us follow through with our annual audit recommendations.”

- Local Government Risk & Compliance


Redman Solutions’ Redaction Service can actively identify and remove credit card numbers, tax file numbers, etc. from your unstructured data sources including file systems and email archives.

226,550,135 items scanned
… and counting!



Our PII framework will help you to evaluate existing databases, create a test strategy and an evaluation metric. We then work with your SME’s and tech teams to build and run the analysis tool, the rules engine, and dashboards for ongoing analysis.


the global shift of privacy

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Over the past few years we have seen ever increasing legislation to protect customers rights to privacy - not only in Australia but worldwide. There is existing legislation in Australia and New Zealand with new legislation on the horizon for both. 

The Australian government is embracing the concept that customers own their data through the introduction of Open Baking starting in July for the 4 major banks and other open data coming to the electricity markets and telecoms over the coming years with the 'Consumer Data Rights' looking to be introduced to support these. 


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