Need help to digitise the Planning and Building approvals process at your council?


Helping Planning and Building teams create consistent, efficient planning approval systems is what Redman Solutions is known for within Local Government. 

We understand the responsibility that your Council has to assess all Development Applications (DAs) in your Local Government Area. We also understand that your ability to process applications correctly and efficiently directly impacts how new housing, buildings and permits are delivered to your community. 

If you're looking for ways to increase process efficiency, reduce double handling and improve the overall customer experience for applicants, we can help. 


Which outcomes does your council want to achieve through the digitisation of your planning and building approvals processes? 

  1. Improve the overall approvals experience for applicants

  2. Increase the transparency of the process for all stakeholders

  3. Increase efficiency by removing rework and double handling

  4. Increase consistency and collaboration across business units

  5. Increase trust and use of corporate systems

  6. Increase the quality and integrity of electronic systems and records


Our approach to transforming your assessment & approvals


A key principle of our methodology focuses on the importance of making the connections between people, process and technology.

When we follow this approach, we have repeatedly helped teams identify clear and specific project outcomes – which lie at the centre of where people, process and technology overlap.

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To delight customers, your team must feel inspired and empowered. So, this is where we start. Without suitable people engagement, the project becomes a system that is directed ‘at’ the team, not owned ‘by’ the team.

We make sure ALL key stakeholders are engaged in the project. We facilitate workshops to ensure team cohesion and we deliver tailored user training specific to each business unit's function. 

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Once we have buy-in from your people, we then start to analyse each process and look for opportunities to tweak, change and improve them.

From start to finish, we help teams digitise their processes to save time and place vital information at the fingertips of team members and applicants. 

Correct usage of corporate systems to ensure the electronic record is the 'single source of truth' is also a key deliverable of every digital project.

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We believe in a better now, so wherever possible, we seek to leverage and unlock the power of existing systems for council teams.

We recommend and implement a combination of different technology solutions to help council teams achieve their desired outcomes.


Having trouble sending and receiving large files?


One of the challenges we help Planning and Building teams overcome is sending and recieving large digital files securely. We do that via a solution called Objective Connect.

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We take a people first approach.

We work with your teams to ensure new processes and technology align with your desired outcomes.

- Matthew Pearce, eApprovals Consultant


One of our core values is curiosity.

By choosing to be curious we have the best chance of discovering exactly how we can help you get the result you're after. 

If you'd like us to contact you, complete the form and please include a brief description of what you're looking for.

Or if you'd prefer a more direct approach, give us a call.

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