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Assess development and planning applications faster, and with greater efficiency and accuracy

Integrating Objective Trapeze into your Planning and Building departments’ daily workflow connects your people and processes to generate greater efficiency, speed up processing times, deliver better customer experience, and save costs and paper.

Objective Trapeze allows eApprovals departments to digitally transform plan reviews and assessments with the ability to measure, annotate, highlight, stamp and redact information without the need to print, or do anything on paper.

Say good bye physical files and manual stamping. In the world of digitised workflows, Objective Trapeze allows you perform your assessments on an electronic file and then give consent using a digital stamp.




With a direct link to your document management system, Objective Trapeze extends information governance to your Planning department and allows you to maintain a ‘single source of truth’, streamlining your workflow and removing unnecessary handling of paper files.


Easily measure, annotate, bookmark and compare

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Streamline plan reviews and assessments

Speed up the review and approval process of plans with the ability to perform measurements, calculations and specific assessment efficiently and accurately, and add customised mark-ups to clearly communicate with stakeholders.

Navigate documents quickly and easily

Open, view and start working with documents within seconds. Navigate and zoom into sections of large maps or plans without losing clarity. Easily edit and organise PDFs with essential layout, page manipulation and bookmarking options.

Measure with speed and accuracy

Use existing scale or calibrate on known line lengths and easily measure distances, areas and angles using powerful measurement tools specifically developed for assessment officers in local Councils.

Markup and safeguard sensitive information

Review and mark up your documents and plans with customised annotation tools such as sticky notes, text, highlighter, clouds, arrows, images, stamps, and more, to clearly communicate with stakeholders.

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Is your council running the latest version of Trapeze?

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Powerful as ever. This is Trapeze 10.



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