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What is eApprovals?

Our eApprovals team focuses on inspiring and empowering planning/building departments and individuals to rethink processes and embrace change so they can focus on delivering services that delight customers.


By removing the reliance on paper in the approvals process teams can change the way they work and deliver results that are customer and community-centric.


We assist Council to successfully implement processes that are customer-centric.  Technology is an important enabler – we deliver technology that allows your teams to work together, integrated with core systems.
“We don’t take a one-size fits all approach. We work with your teams to ensure new processes and technology align with your outcomes. We help planning and building teams to use the capabilities of existing Council systems, and introduce tools to enable full electronic assessment – this opens up all sorts of possibilities for how work can be done and how services can now be delivered.”
Matthew Pearce – Head of eApprovals
Matthew Pearce - Redman Solutions

Are you Reddie?

Our eApprovals team will start with asking what the desired outcome will be. Do you want to achieve digital transformation? Are you trying to reduce your application processing days? Do you have to align to core values or organisational outcomes? Our approach to eApprovals will always include a focus on your people, your processes and your existing and desired technology platforms.


Only once we have worked out your drivers and aligned your people and processes, will we look to recommend and implement new technology to move forward.

Join the Redman eApprovals family

We consult with over 150 Australian Council’s to assist their planning departments.

eApprovals Technology


Integrating Objective Trapeze into your Planning and Building departments’ daily workflow connects your people and processes to generate greater efficiency, speed up processing times, deliver better customer experience, and save costs and paper.


The application allows eApprovals departments to digitally transform plan reviews and assessments with the ability to measure, annotate, highlight, stamp and redact information without the need to print, or do anything on paper.


With a direct link to your document management system, Objective Trapeze extends information governance to your Planning department and allows you to maintain a ‘single source of truth’.


Collaborate safely from your document management system with both internal and external stakeholders. Interact in real time with every open, click and share recorded for complete governance.


Providing the best solution begins with identifying the right problem. Redman Solutions provides cost effective, easy to use, batch capture solutions to popular Document Record Management Systems. These include TRIM/RM8/CM9, Objective ECM and TechnologyOne ECM.




Before we start on a solution, we discover what problem needs solving. So get in contact with our eApprovals team via this form, or if you prefer a more direct approach, call us on 1300 797 097