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Archive Manager

Archive Manager is a complete email and messaging content archiving software solution.
It enables you to capture, retain, discover and explore your Exchange email system using advanced search capabilities.
Redman Solutions Archive Manager
Give your archive a day job
Archive Manager allows a single instance of each message to be captured and with applying granular retention and disposition policies ensures efficient and effective Exchange email archiving. It will automagically remove duplicate content.

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Fast deployment

Deploy the tool quickly with web browser url access. There is no need to install desktop or email server based software.

Access from anywhere

Easily access archived messaging data while offline or from a mobile device.

Zero impact to users

Reduce storage volume in order to negate mailbox quotas and reduce help desk calls by capturing and indexing new and historical messaging data transparently.

Efficient storage

Dramatically reduce long-term storage needs, as well as the need to maintain the performance of your email servers by storing single-instance email attachments separately from the message body and metadata.

Integral support

Eradicate the need for assorted archiving systems with support for Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Skype/Lync, Novell GroupWise and selected SMTP servers from a single console.

Securely share data

Seamlessly integrate with external systems to share data with customer relationship management (CRM) systems and collaboration tools, such as SharePoint and Salesforce.

Retention capabilities

Using flexible retention rules, achieve compliance with regulatory sanctions while keeping only the messaging data that is needed long term.

Efficient discovery

Retrieve messaging data quickly to satisfy your organisational governance compliance. Accelerate the discovery process by tagging data for categorisation or later review, ensuring that only relevant messaging data is exported for future use.

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Redman Solutions has been providing email archiving services for close to two decades. We’d love to understand your needs and we can help with  migration, extraction or managed services of your current platform. Get in touch via the form or, if you’d prefer a more direct approach, call us on 1300 797 097