Redman Solutions | Email Archive Extraction Services
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Email Archive Extraction Services

Reddie - straighten things out
Do you need to extract your email archives from a legacy or server-based platform for migration or e-discovery?

discover. empower. support. That’s our recipe for your success.


Are you looking to migrate your email archives?

Ask us how we can assist.

As a service

Email archive extraction can be offered as a service.

We can help free up your time for other important tasks.


Our team signs a full confidentiality agreement.

This ensures that your extracted documents remain secure.

Various formats

Extracted emails can be supplied in multiple formats.

Our extraction services can be provided in

.pst, .msg or .eml formats.


With 30 years collective experience.

We are software veterans with a new way of thinking.


We pride ourselves on timely data retrieval.

You can trust our team to swiftly locate, secure and extract data.


Give us a shout. Use the form to contact our email management team or, if you’d prefer a more direct approach, call us on 1300 797 097