Strategic ePlanning and lifecycle management of planning instruments, policies and enquiry.


Redman Solutions is known for our work in the planning approvals space, helping planning and building teams digitise their assessment processes. Now we have a strategic ePlanning platform with an integrated community engagement module that helps planners to better manage our future city, neighbourhood, district and regional plans online.

Designed specifically for local government, our ePlanning solution can manage all forms of planning instruments and policy documents online. Our solution provides comprehensive online authoring and publishing capabilities for urban and regional strategic management plans and policies.  

We can cater for the unique requirements that councils have, including plan life-cycle management, enquiry linkages for public viewing, property enquiry against a plan and features a built-in community engagement module.

The solution also allows council staff the ability to control all policy documents in one system whether they are state plans, district plans, local plans, by-laws, town plans etc. And we have developed a solution to address the need to display and report on license and application approvals and consent information in a flexible manner.

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Access to policies and plans at your fingertips.

Provide stakeholders and community members with easy access to planning rules and policy documents.


Easy planning rule search 

This solution enables the public to find out which planning rules apply to an activity they wish to undertake on their property. 
The solution also includes a smartphone interface which means they can use location services to get planning rules from wherever they are standing.

Spatial Map Display 

District Plan Spatial (Map) information can be displayed using the embedded map which then displays zones and overlays with search features that return property rules. Your organisation's web map can also be embedded. 


Simple Document Import

Our solution has been developed to allow the easy import of existing MS-Word based policy documents into the system, meaning that we can go from and existing paper based plans to an electronic plan within a matter of minutes.



External Image Library 

Images within the planning document are stored within the database and written to the file system on demand. This means your team does not need to maintain an external image library.


Systems Integration

Our solution integrates with land information systems such as Authority from Civica, Pathway from INFOR, the TechnologyOne suite, ESRI, Intramaps, Objective and TRIM to access documents, customer, property details and enable spatial integration.

Direct integration

This solution can be used by any organisation that needs to manage and publish policy documents, the system integrates directly with our community engagement solution.


Display and track approvals and consents

Our solution enables councils to display approval and consent information for public tracking.

It can also display documents on the council website or make this information available to third party applications (internal or external) via secure web services.

Find out more about our end-to-end digital assessment solution via the link below. 

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