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Email Archiving REAM

Access your archived emails where ever and whenever you want. 

Take care of business anywhere with the Archive Manager REAM extension.

Our expertise in Archive Manager and software development has led to the creation of value-add features to Archive Manager that we call REAM – Redman Enhancements for Archive Manager. We have been working with and developing Archive Manager since 2004.

Simple Search

Whilst the standard Archive Manager Search screen is quite intuitive, some users prefer the simplicity of a single search page, much like Google.


Simple Search offers this by combining the most used search methods on a single page for easy access.


Smart Search

When looking at emails you always want to find more or related information. Now you can with SmartSearch. Simply highlight any email and choose the ‘SmartSearch To’ option to execute a new search using the selected TO email address(es).


There is also a ‘SmartSearch From’ search which uses the FROM email address.

Open in Outlook

Traditionally viewing emails in Archive Manager opens them in a browser window and working with these emails can be a little cumbersome. The ‘Open in Outlook’ feature allows users to open individual emails in Outlook format meaning you can work with emails like you always have in the past, from within Outlook. You now have full access to native Outlook functionality including access to your address book.

We have been working with and developing Archive Manager since 2004. This enhancement allows you to access your archived emails where ever and when ever you want. 


Action Buttons

Is iPad use becoming more prevalent in your business? Older versions of Archive Manager do not work on an iPad because of the use of double-clicks and right-click menu options. Adding Action Buttons to the toolbar gets around this problem and opens up Archive Manager to a wider audience.

Show Conversations

Have you ever wanted to see all emails from the same conversation? Well now you can directly within Archive Manager.

Save to PST

We’ve made saving a small number of emails to PST much quicker and easier. Simply execute any search, highlight multiple emails and save them to a PST. For large exports we recommend using Archive Manager’s built-in Search Exporter or another tool Redman Solutions have developed called the AM Export tool which can export entire mailboxes including its folder structure.

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