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CivicPlus Archive Social

Social Media Archiving Software Built for Compliance

A Social Media Archiving solution that ensures precision and dependability in adhering to public records laws while effectively managing social media accounts in real time.

Can you Capture Every Record from Your

Social Media Communications?


Are you

easily able to produce social media content if there is a public records request for it?


Do you

have a way to capture and archive deleted, edited, and hidden posts and comments?


Are you

currently using manual processes to capture social media records such as screenshots?


How are you

managing trolls, negative comments, and blocked users on your social networks?


Do you have a

system in place that  alerts you when users post identifiable information  and inappropriate images?

There's never been an easier way to Capture and Preserve Content

Benefits that will give you complete peace of mind.


Comprehensive Archiving

Capture and preserve all the content you share and interact with, including  deleted, edited, and hidden posts and comments.

What this means for you:

  • Legal Compliance Assurance

  • Complete Record Keeping

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Clean Audit Trails


Easy and Intuitive Interface


Accurate Preservation

Replay any of your records in their original context and ensure their authenticity with digital signatures, time stamps and unmodified metadata.

What this means for you:

  • Contextual Understanding

  • Authenticity Assurance

  • Data Integrity

  • Enhanced Security

Find records, add notes, or export content in its required format with advanced search, annotations, intuitive filtering, and one-click export features.

What this means for you:

  • Efficient Retrieval

  • Enhanced Productivity

  • Quick Collaboration

  • Compliance Support

90% of all social media records are

captured within 30 seconds of posting

This enables real-time monitoring of social media activities, providing immediate insights into user interactions, comments, and engagements as they occur. It also facilitates quick identification and response to potential crises or negative publicity, helping organizations to manage and mitigate reputational risks effectively.

Social Media Archiving Software Key Features

Alerts and Analytics

Stay in the know with advanced alerts!. We've got you covered with alerts for keywords, questions, personal identifiable information, inappropriate images, blocked users, and much more.

Comprehensive Archiving

Easily link up with your social media platforms to save and protect all the content your public entity shares and interacts with—all stored in one secure location.

Blocked Lists

Stay informed and keep tabs on blocked users across all your social media platforms! Our alerts provide timestamps and context, so you'll know exactly why a user was blocked.

Near Real-Time Capture

Capture a diverse range of content formats in full resolution and almost real-time—yes, even if the message has been edited, deleted, or hidden!


Compliance Tools

Collaborate with varying access levels, manage data with ease, and set custom disposition rules to define record retention periods—all while ensuring compliance.

Advanced Search

Find and export the records you're after in a flash. Use filters, keywords, and personalised or automated tags to organise and effortlessly handle your content.

Let's Talk

Ready for complete peace of mind?
Discover how you can capture every record from your Social Media Communications.

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