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Budgeting and Planning

Manage an Accurate, Outcome-Focused Budget Process

Streamline and unify your end-to-end budgeting process, seamlessly tie budget dollars to key organisational initiatives, and draw actionable insights that maximise performance outcomes.


Then, through Reporting and Transparency, add context to your results and share internally and externally for better collaboration.


Collaborate More Effectively

Collaborate across departments by sending and receiving budget proposals, tracking performance on strategic objectives, commenting on key reports, and sharing your outcomes with colleagues.


Glean the context you need for budget decisions and the information you need to manage performance. You can visualise trends and model the impact of proposed budget changes while you transform complex financial and performance data into actionable insights.


Through a simple and intuitive user interface, you can see your budget, receive commentary from your team, and get your plans approved. Easily seed the budget by importing last year's actuals, then adjust, add, or compare proposal line items in real time.

Improve Decision-Making

Save Time


Budget and Planning Use Cases

  • Collaborative budgeting

  • Capital planning

  • Online budget publication

  • Workforce calculations

  • Budgetary reporting

  • Financial projections

  • Operating budgets

  • What-if scenario analysis

  • Strategic initiative tagging

Workforce Planning

Precisely calculate personnel costs

Drive better salary projections, increase visibility into cost drivers, and reduce broad assumptions.


You can calculate the fully burdened labor costs of an individual or overall workforce, perform scenario analysis to inform negotiations and budget decisions, run vacancy reporting, compare actual positions to budgeted positions, and request new positions using accurate, updated costs.


Empower stakeholders with financial and performance data

Capital Planning

Forecast long term expenditures

Seamlessly harness the information your team needs to make educated decisions while providing a working blueprint for sustaining and improving your community’s infrastructures.


You can send and receive capital planning proposals, adjust proposal line items, track performance on projects, and comment on key reports. Then, easily create printable dashboards to streamline capital meetings, showing how budget dollars drive key initiatives.


Online Budget Book

Simplify online budget book publication

Establish a framework for building your online budget book faster and more accurately, making the process repeatable and scalable for future cycles.

You can also publish an interactive, easily digestible online budget book.


Reporting and Transparency

Centralise reporting onto a single platform

Powering OpenGov Budgeting and Planning is the Reporting and Transparency platform. Integrate and synchronise your financial and non-financial data with other data sources.


When any data point changes, all reports automatically update and tie all data sources to OpenGov.


Find out more about the OpenGov Suite

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See for yourself why over 1,000 public agencies entrust OpenGov to help transform how governments budget, measure performance, and engage the public.

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