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Reporting and Transparency

Build trust with internal and external stakeholders

Build trust and transparency with your community on the topics that matter by presenting complex financial information in a simple way with appropriate context to inform your community.

Host discussions with Open Town Hall software, and communicate directly with your community.

Promote collaboration and efficiency internally with centralised reporting and workflows to increase understanding across your organisation through interactive dashboards that turn data into insights.


Present complex information all parties can understand

Keep internal and external stakeholders updated on performance and aligned around high-level strategic goals. Gain at-a-glance insights with interactive dashboards, take action with customised alerts, or dive into the granular details for deeper analysis.


Free up your IT and Business Intelligence professionals with centralised reporting and immediate access to necessary day-to-day data for every department.


Broaden community

Supplement public hearings with virtual town halls, budget simulations, and online surveys that are easy and convenient. You can gather broader feedback from residents by reducing the barriers of involvement.


Achieve your
communication objectives

Put your capital and strategic plans online in a way that your citizens can easily understand and even interact with. Tell the stories behind your data by quickly creating, editing, and publishing content in real-time, while easily incorporating feedback. 

Reduce reporting bottlenecks across your organisation

Reporting and Transparency Use Cases

  • Interactive budget summary

  • Satisfaction surveys

  • Participatory budgeting

  • Emergency communication

  • Strategic planning

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Performance reporting

  • Public portal to elicit ideas and feedback

  • Internal project coordination


Focus on outcomes

Establish goals for departments, programs, or initiatives, then track relevant KPIs to keep external stakeholders updated on spending, performance, and progress.

Infuse complex data with meaningful narratives everyone can understand.



Communicate clearly

Create and share content easily and quickly.


Use a simple, drag-and-drop page builder to combine your data with images, dashboards, maps, and narrative context. Present complex information in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand. Share via email, social media, or through your council website.


Simple, visual page builder with drag-and-drop components and customisable themes.

Additional Features

Share the data behind the news
Visually dynamic tiles reveal the yearly, monthly or weekly breakdowns of your underlying report through pie charts, stacked bars, and summary tables.
Better project planning
Fulfill public input requirements for grant applications and collect the public response you need to for planning large-scale projects.
Social media impact
Share your published pages on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and track your story's analytics in OpenGov.

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