Our Purpose

To help people in local government thrive, so that communities flourish


Our Values





We are fuelled by a strong desire to understand and learn, enabling us to continually improve and think laterally.

We put ourselves in the shoes of others – our clients, colleagues and the broader community. Possessing empathy enables us to understand, develop respect for each other and provide outcomes that keep peoples' needs top of mind. 

We go the extra mile to deliver the result, for each other and for our clients. We are committed to our purpose and when things get tough we remind ourselves why we're in business and who we are here to serve.

We aim to build inspiring relationships that drive energetic dialogue. Because we are approachable, friendly and care about individuals, our stakeholders trust us. This leads to long-term relationships that we nurture – always.


Our Vision

Since 2006, Redman Solutions has been delivering value to clients through strong technology partnerships and consulting services that unlock potential in existing people and processes.

Our core client base is local government, our solutions are built for local government and we exist to help people in local government transform the way they deliver services.

Our suite of solutions assists councils with digital assessment and approvals; website design and build; information capture, management, governance and compliance; planning and policy authoring and publication; and community consultation.

We have repeatedly found that when inspired and empowered people are actively engaged in a change process, the power of technology is fully realised and meaningful outcomes are achieved.


Our Philosophy

Anyone who has worked for or with Redman Solutions knows we are one big happy family.
The reason for that is our team structure is built on the same philosophy as our three-phase client engagement model. We call it our recipe for success – discover. empower. support.


We are passionate about continual improvement. 
Inside every interaction you have with Redman Solutions we are ALWAYS looking for ways to discover, empower and support you and your team.  


One of our core values is curiosity.
By choosing to be curious (instead of jumping straight to problem solving) we have the best chance of discovering where teams can achieve their next level of performance improvement.
Only after we fully understand all the factors impacting people, process and technology can we start to work with you and your teams to design a solution that’s right for you.  


We are all about equipping and empowering individuals and teams to embrace change and achieve tangible outcomes. We focus on the successful roll-out and rapid adoption of the new processes and technology. We focus on people engagement to ensure every system is owned by the team.


We provide ongoing account management, consultative services and technical support so you always have an expert at your disposal to ensure continual adoption and improvement.



We live our values by listening to our clients and  being open to receiving constructive feedback that is designed to help us keep improving.

Let us know how we can serve you better


We are always looking for people who live our values to join our team and help us fulfil our purpose. Do you think you would be a good fit? 

Contact us to explore your options.