Does your council want to improve communication, collaboration, participation, and engagement among administrators, managers, elected officials and community members?

CivicClerk Agenda and Meeting Management software for local government

Council staff, elected members, and community members live in an instant access world where they expect information to be available with a few clicks of a mouse. Isn’t it time your Council’s agendas, minutes and documented decisions were available this easily too?

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CivicClerk is a responsive web-based agenda and meeting management solution designed specifically for local government.


Benefits for Meeting Administrators

  • Create and add agenda items in seconds and collaborate with item submitters all on one web-based platform.

  • Set up templates that ensure wording and formatting is consistent across documents.

  • Easily build different versions of business papers based on the inclusion of confidential or executive materials.

  • Keep control over access levels for individual users via security permissions.

  • Notify individual staff of items ready for approval, track item approval progress, assign tasks and set automated reminders.

  • Export agendas and business papers to PDF or Word for easy distribution or to save documents into your Council’s EDMS.

Benefits for Meeting Managers

  • Run your meetings from within a web-based platform and move from the agenda to the live meeting in a single click.

  • Drag and drop agenda item reordering makes it easy to accommodate last minute changes.

  • Kick off the meeting with electronic roll call and keep participants informed by displaying the current item, speaker, or vote results.

  • Use pre-filled text snippets to automatically insert pre-authorised content into minutes during meetings.

  • Record motions and votes (via voice or electronic voting) and apply them to individual agenda items or multiple agenda items as a group.

  • Instantly create and publish post-meeting minutes and set follow-up action reminders.

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Live Stream & On-Demand Video

Share live video feeds of meetings directly from CivicClerk.

Stream live proceedings and seamlessly integrate all video content directly into your meeting agendas.

Videos feature clear bookmarking and navigation so viewers can quickly find discussions of interest.


Benefits for Councillors & Committees

  • Access via any device with a browser including computers, tablets and mobile phones.

  • Ability to search and view content, comments and discussion items across all meetings - past, present and future.

  • Ability to ‘favourite’ agenda items and prepare meeting notes and comments inside the web-based platform.

  • Receive notification when agendas, business papers and minutes are published.

  • Real time fully-integrated electronic voting.

Benefits for Community Members

  • View and download agendas and minutes immediately after they are published.

  • Watch broadcast meetings and access meeting information at a time and place that’s convenient to you. All you need is a device with a browser and internet connection.

  • Skip through recorded video content on-demand to view motions, voting results and decisions carried.


Instant Access

Greater Transparency

Increased Engagement

Streamlined Meetings

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