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Increase Transparency and Engagement

Budgeting, Performance, and Reporting Solutions

OpenGov is modern cloud software made exclusively for government.


Through our exclusive partnership, Redman Solutions is able to bring OpenGov’s budgeting, performance, communications, and reporting solutions, as well as their newly acquired

Citizen Services Suite to the Asia Pacific region.


Improve budgeting and align spend to strategic outcomes

Streamline and transform your budget process from the initial stages of strategic planning and personnel forecasting through to publication while enabling collaboration throughout.


Plan and manage your strategic initiatives by capturing priorities, tying budgets to initiatives, identifying key outcomes, and engaging stakeholders.

Learn more about Budgeting and Planning


Power data-driven and accountable government

Centralise reporting across your council - empowering departments, elected officials, and the public with insights they need to feel confident about how your council is spending.


Improve communication and build trust by providing accurate and up-to-date information with context through web-based stories.

Learn more about Reporting and Transparency


Modernise your permitting processes to improve the end-to-end customer experience

Make it easier for your community to do business with your council with intuitive online public permitting, licensing and payments via portals, and in-app communication.


Streamline your daily workflow and gain unparalleled vision into how your team works together, allowing you to process more applications and complete inspections faster and easier.

Learn more about Permitting and Licensing


All you need to get started -
supported by experts in the industry

Our experts will make it easy for you: we help design your solution, get your data into the system, and project manage it all so things don’t stall and you can deploy quickly.


We help you deploy quickly (think weeks not months), get your whole team trained to use the solution, and stay with you for the long haul as you leverage OpenGov to drive better outcomes.

Find out how to get started

Newcastle Australia

Community trust is at the heart of effective government - without transparency in government, there cannot be trust.

Being accountable through transparency = trust

Make decisions with data you trust

Monitor revenue and spending, analyse performance, and explore data from your entire organisation. With intuitive and powerful reporting capabilities, you can empower anyone in your organisation with the knowledge and insights to make better, faster decisions.



Replace your manual reports with easy-to-use and powerful analytics that quickly transform information into insights.


Leverage industry-leading technology to simplify the entire process of creating, collaborating, and publishing public-facing reports.


Simplify multi-fund source reporting with powerful chart of accounts (CoA) management.

Access and Analyse Financial Reports

Explore and analyse complex multi-fund source accounting data with our fast and intuitive chart of accounts manager.


Create, update, or delete chart of account segments to enable easier analysis and understanding.


Save time and reduce frustration through
seamless data integration 

OpenGov ERP Integrations™ utilises Extract, Transform and Load (“ETL”) technology to simplify and streamline the process of synchronising data between your ERP system and the OpenGov Cloud.


Reduce manual uploads

Put OpenGov on autopilot with automated data transfers to shorten deployment time and maximise time-to-value.


Improve data quality and integrity

Directly integrating your data keeps it synchronised and conflict-free, while improving the speed and scalability of your platform.


Boost collaboration

Facilitate greater collaboration by ensuring everyone on your team is working with the same current, updated information.


Configured to your needs

Every government is unique, and OpenGov has built customised connectors to over 100 systems used by governments across the world.

Secure Access - Anytime, Anywhere

With just a web browser and internet connection, you gain access to powerful software and collaboration tools. OpenGov is a true SaaS platform, so you’ll never have to worry about software updates, synchronisation, or new user installs.

OpenGov is committed to ensuring your data is safe and available wherever, whenever you need it. With an available SLA for 99.9% uptime, excluding planned windows of scheduled maintenance downtime, you can rest assured that you will be able to focus on using the software to make confident decisions. To further avoid data centre or server disruptions, OpenGov relies on market-leading cloud computing capabilities from Amazon Web Services (“AWS”).

Amazon Web Services

AWS is the industry leader in cloud hosting and computing, providing a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world.

Multi-browser Support 

To ensure maximum flexibility and availability, OpenGov supports all the major web browsers, including Internet Explorer 10+, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari 9+.

Leverage Your Public Data to Drive Innovation and Public Value

Next-Generation Open Data built on open-source Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) makes data useful, usable and used, and taps into a huge and growing ecosystem of developers that drive innovation to help solve big problems. It enables data to be treated as infrastructure, for cross-agency / cross-department federation and governance. CKAN is constantly improving open data solutions, meaning a CKAN-powered open data portal is much easier to maintain and upgrade over time, reducing costs and required technical personnel.

CKAN is a next-generation data portal platform technology used by the largest data portals in the world, including,, and the EU’s Data Portal. CKAN enables open data portals to easily interact with one another, allowing each open data portal to build off and use the data collected on other portals. The world’s largest data portals employ CKAN precisely because of CKAN’s premier aggregation and sharing capabilities.


The OpenGov Open Data Portal™ can be customised to meet customers’ specific needs. Uniquely, OpenGov’s solution allows internal government developers to build on the open data portal if desired.


While our competitors’ proprietary portals rely on the software improvements of small internal groups of developers, OpenGov’s portals, based on the open-source platform - CKAN, enable our customers to access improvements to CKAN made both from OpenGov developers and from CKAN developing organisations around the world. And, while most open data portals facilitate basic transparency, OpenGov will help you develop interactive visualisations and dynamic dashboards of your data, so the information on your portal is more than just transparent, but useful, usable, and used.

Your Portal

Importantly, our open data portal comes with an all-inclusive package, including the data storage level that you need, the level of support and customisation that you desire, and ongoing maintenance as necessary.


We have structured our product to be all-inclusive because we believe that our customers should be able to budget predictably without unexpected hidden costs. Moreover, we do not charge our customers by the number of data sets they post on the portal because we believe our customers should be encouraged to use the portal and to nurture a thriving open data community.


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See for yourself why over 1,000 public agencies entrust OpenGov to help transform how governments budget, measure performance, and engage the public.

About OpenGov

OpenGov is a leader in enterprise cloud solutions for government and one of the fastest-growing
GovTech organisations in the world. 

Their modern Cloud Software is made exclusively for government and helps to drive

visibility and efficiencies.

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