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RedOffice Add-In 

For TechnologyOne ECM

Simplify and streamline working with emails and office documents with the RedOffice add-in for TechnologyOne ECM.

From complete information capture to ensuring you have the right information at the right time, the RedOffice Add-In speeds up the document creation process and simplifies the way you work with office documents.

Simplify and Streamline

The RedOffice Add-In removes complexity and provides you and your team with an easier way to create, manage, save and collaborate on documents.


Work with ECM documents within the Office application

With RedOffice users can register new documents, create from template, open existing documents, check out and check in documents without leaving their Office application.


Clean up orphaned files

Working in a browser environment has huge benefits to users and teams responsible for ECM, though what happens to all those files that are left behind after registration or versioning? RedOffice keeps this clean by removing files once they are registered safely in ECM.


Register multiple emails from Outlook in one action

Emails registered automatically link to the right customer index, contain the correct date and increase end user registrations. Register emails from group mailboxes and easily distinguish what has already been registered into ECM.


Auto-populate DocSet ID on version 1

Using dynamic merge fields RedOffice can populate your DocSet ID onto version 1 of the ECM document as well as adding other ECM document and index metadata fields.


"We've seen user adoption rates in Document Registration increase by 20%"

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Discover how you can simplify and streamline the way you work with
emails and office documents.

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