Simplify and streamline registration of emails and office documents into TechnologyOne ECM with the RedOffice add-in.


Say goodbye to saving documents locally to desktop or network drive.

With the RedOffice add-in, users can now save directly to ECM from within Microsoft Office applications.

RedOffice Add-in for TechnologyOne ECM ribbon

RedOffice works with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Visio.


Save emails from Outlook & autolink customers

RedOffice automatically puts the ECM Doc Set ID into the subject line of emails, so it is easy to distinguish what has been registered into ECM and what hasn’t. It also identifies the relevant customer based on their email address.


Edit documents within the Office application

With RedOffice you can register a new document or check out, edit and check in existing documents, without leaving your Office application (Word, Excel etc.).


Create new copies of existing documents

This feature is particularly handy when creating documents that have the same metadata requirements (customer, property etc). If you’re working on a document in ECM and you want to create a copy of the document, you can simply click on the Create Copy button. This function then creates and registers a copy document with the same properties and references, which users can then check out and start editing.


Auto-populate content using ECM templates

Dynamic merge fields expose ECM data making it possible to auto-populate content based on ECM metadata and indexes. This reduces the requirement for users to manually enter content and speeds up the document creation process.


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