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Build Trust with Resolve

"As soon as we started using Resolve, we were impressed with how easy it was.
Our entire meeting creation process is so much faster -
we are so excited about the possibilities."

Allison Bonaz - Shellharbour Council

What would your team do if they could reduce their council meeting workload by 50%?

Council meetings are about so much more than agenda and business paper preparation.


Most Australian councils use between four to ten systems across the entire process and each additional system introduces more risk, manual handling and wasted time.


Resolve is an automated, web-based  meeting management solution that does all the heavy lifting for council meetings.


Discover how Resolve can make your council meetings a breeze.


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Better decision-making

with the Councillor

“One Stop Shop”



Better accountability with automated resolution tracking and flexible reporting



Better perceptions of council transparency to build

community trust

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Shellharbour Council

Discover how Shellharbour Council transformed their meeting management from complexity to simplicity with Resolve. Corporate Meetings Officer, Allison Bonaz, shares their journey, highlighting the challenges faced, the strategic selection process, and the seamless implementation of Resolve.


Noosa Council

Since adopting Resolve, Noosa Council has witnessed a reduction of around 50% in their council meeting workload. Discover how the centralised Meeting Management Solution has enhanced team and community engagement, satisfaction, and overall experience. 


Cook Shire Council

Imagine if you could decrease the time spent compiling council meeting agendas from up to an hour to seconds? Executive Assistant, Kimberley Sullivan explains how Cook Shire Council achieved just that and much more with their recent implementation of Resolve.


Councillor Perspectives on the Council Meeting Process

How do Councillors feel about Council Meetings?

Following last year’s ALGA Conference, we asked councillors how they felt about Council Meetings and what improvements would most support them in their role.

we conducted interviews and surveyed 40 councillors to understand the improvements that would most effectively support them in their roles. The resulting Insights Report serves as a guide for councils to unlock the untapped potential of council meetings, fostering transparent decision-making while acknowledging the time and resource constraints faced by councillors.

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Let's Talk

Ready to improve communication, collaboration, participation, and engagement among meeting administrators, managers, elected officials
and community members?

About Resolve

Over the years, our many conversations with local government have reinforced the need to streamline a critical process - the Council Meeting. 

Resolve is an end-to-end Agenda and Meeting Management solution that has been designed to eliminate inefficiencies, increase collaboration and enhance transparency.

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