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How Livingstone Shire Council
successfully extracted ECM data with the help of Redman Solutions  


Livingstone Shire Council

Population: 39,881



Alister Gill

Technology has a way of making our internal processes easier. But when your systems aren’t integrated, it can sometimes make the day-to-day tasks more time-consuming.  


Livingstone Shire Council were looking to transition their asset, finance, and records systems to streamline their processes - but first, they needed to extract their ECM data before migrating to a new system. We spoke to Implementation Project Manager, Alister Gill, to discover more about his experience. 

A streamlined process with the right partners 

Having worked with Redman Solutions on two previous projects, Alister knew the team was familiar with the council's way of working and had experience completing similar projects. 


“We simply didn’t have the in-house resources to extract our data. While we had expertise in administrating the system, we needed support from subject matter experts who knew the intricacies of extracting data from our source systems. We had worked with Redman Solutions in the past and knew that they would be able to provide us with the support we needed in the required timeframe.” 


Alister was also looking for a partner with extensive knowledge of the process and didn’t need to create processes from scratch.  


“We knew that Redman had completed similar projects in the past, so that instilled a lot of confidence. There were existing extraction templates and rules that simplified everything for us and meant that we didn’t have to rebuild anything from scratch. We could go into the technical details and complete the project.”  

“We had worked with Redman Solutions in the past and knew that they would be able to provide us with the support we needed in the required timeframe.”


The importance of planning for success 

Most technical projects require a degree of planning, and this was no different. Alister attributes the project's success to prior planning and setting clear expectations early.  


“Knowing we had the right people working on the project was a benefit. But also, knowing our expectations and requirements clearly before reaching out to a vendor gave us confidence and clarity. It meant everyone had a shared understanding of what needed to be done, and we weren’t discovering new things as we went through the scoping phase.” 

This, combined with the flexibility and clear communication between the Redman and Livingstone Shire Council teams, allowed for a collaborative partnership that ultimately achieved the desired outcome.  


“Their product knowledge is outstanding. And our Redman Project Manager provided us with the right amount of communication and attended our governance meetings to ensure we achieved the right outcome. The Redman team was very accommodating, and we appreciated how flexible and collaborative they were throughout the entire process.” 

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