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Trapeze Capture for ECM Update

Is it time to start planning the replacement of Trapeze Capture for ECM?

As you may be aware Objective Corporation made the decision a few years back to not offer a version of Capture that will work without TechnologyOne's legacy integration component, commonly known as the DAS.


As an existing Trapeze Capture client, we are reaching out to make sure that you are aware and informed of your options moving forward. To keep you up to date we have outlined below some of the options available to you.


Moving to the T1 cloud?

Trapeze Capture will not support a move to the T1 Cloud as it relies on legacy integration that is not available in the T1 Cloud.


If a move to the cloud is on the cards talk to us today to learn how we can minimise the impact of this change on your information management team.


Upgrading to Windows 10?

While Trapeze Capture for ECM will likely work on Windows 10, it is not designed or optimised for this version of Windows and may not function as well as it should. You have some time up your sleeve but it’s a good idea to start discussing what options are available to you.


Meeting your future requirements

So that we can help you meet your future requirements, Redman Solutions has partnered with EzeScan, a market leader in paper and electronic records capture.


We have also developed our own solutions that will help you to deliver great records capture solutions for IM teams and end users. Read more about our EzeScan partnership here and our RedOffice solution here


Looking for more Automation?

Want to automate more of you records capture, capture webforms with no user input or capture AP invoices? EzeScan has a suite of solutions to help across the entire record capture process. Talk to one of our EzeScan specialists today to see how we can help you automate your records capture. For more information on EzeScan see here

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