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The next generation of open government starts here

Find out how you can achieve outcomes like these

Redman Solutions partners with our clients over the long term to deliver benefits for staff, elected officials and the community.

We execute 

We design solutions 

Build trust through interactive, transparent reporting

Better decision making through an easy to use data platform

Inform, educate and gather feedback from your community

Re-baseline budgets without juggling multiple spreadsheets 

Involve your communities through participatory budgeting

Allow your communities to self-serve via the customer portal


Innovating for the future of government

Industry leading time-to-value

Led by former government, public policy experts and data experts, our sole focus is public sector innovation that helps our customers deliver better outcomes.


We involve our customers deeply in developing our solutions so we solve the right problems and create lasting value.

We help you deploy quickly, get your whole team trained to use the solution, and stay with you for the long haul as you leverage OpenGov to drive better outcomes.


Rapid Deployment

All you need to get going

Our experts will make it easy for you: we help design your solution, get your data into the system, and project manage it all so things don’t stall and you can deploy quickly.

Solution Design
Solution architects with domain expertise map your current processes and workflows to OpenGov.
Project Management
Our project managers make sure there’s a plan that includes not just technology but also communication and change management, then they drive everyone on both sides to execute against it so you can start using the solution quickly.
Loading Data
Data specialists help you load your datasets into OpenGov, and our integration team helps set up a process for ongoing updates.

Broad Adoption

Prioritising your success

Once you’re up and running, we support your team so you achieve full adoption across your agency and the public to get the most out of your OpenGov investment.


Personalised Training

Our trainers develop curriculums and deliver onsite training to department heads and other users as needed.

OpenGov University

Supplement initial training by selecting from a library of on-demand videos ranging from bite-sized lessons to full-length courses with subject certification.

Webinars and other resources

We run periodic webinars featuring our government finance experts and successful customers, teaching you how to use OpenGov in your everyday work.

Ongoing Success

Learn from the network of over 1,000 other governments using OpenGov and our team of in-house experts. 

Timely Support

Our team is online during the week 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM AEST, and ready to answer any question you may have about the product. With live chat, phone, and email support, there are plenty of ways to reach us.

Exclusive User Groups

Network with and learn from other OpenGov users in your region to tackle challenges and build your OpenGov skills.

Subject Matter Expertise

Find answers to your toughest questions by tapping our Government Finance Solutions team for their decades of government experience and knowledge.

Administration Services

Are you short on staff? We can take care of ongoing administration like chart of account configuration, transparency portal settings, report creation and more as an added service.

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