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A partnership that captures your needs and your records

Redman Solutions and Outback imaging (More commonly known as EzeScan) joined forces to provide Local Government clients with a great mix of Software, Information Management and Local Government experience. Redman Solutions has been delivering scanning solutions to TechnologyOne ECM clients since 2011 providing clients with a great alternative to the legacy Batch capture solution. In 2018 when Onstream Systems(Developers of Trapeze Capture) were acquired the new owners made a decision to stop any future development of their Capture suite of solutions. Redman Solutions immediately looked at a number of scanning alternatives with a focus on what was going to be the best outcome for our clients.

Partnering with EzeScan was an easy decision to make, they have great software that does what it says on the box. Together with Redman Solutions, Local Government experience, and EzeScan’s software, our clients will get great outcomes.

Michael Redman CEO, Redman Solutions

The real winners of this partnership are the clients making the transition across to EzeScan from Capture. EzeScan has continued to invest in the scanning and capture space with solutions to provide automation, time savings, audit trails, and loads more. Talk to Redman Solutions about your transition today!

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