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Unlocking the Power of Social Media Archiving for Local Government

In today's digital age, social media has become an indispensable tool for councils to engage with their communities. However, with this increased connectivity comes the responsibility to adhere to public records laws and manage online risks effectively.

Social Media Archiving for government organisations is governed by record keeping laws. Social media is a public forum, and needs to be archived as such. Enter social media archiving—a vital solution designed to help public entities navigate these challenges seamlessly while harnessing the power of social networks.

But what is Social Media Archiving? And more importantly, is it something that you should be investing in. We break down the benefits and features…

What is Social Media Archiving?

Social Media Archiving is a process that involves capturing, preserving, and managing social media content generated by public entities. This includes posts, comments, messages, and interactions across various platforms. The goal is to ensure compliance with public records laws, maintain data integrity, and mitigate risks associated with online communications.

What are the benefits for Local Government?

  1. Save Time: Social Media Archiving reduces administrative burdens and minimises human error by automating the process and employing smart filters. This saves valuable time and resources that can be redirected towards other essential tasks.

  2. Gain Complete Control: With Social Media Archiving, councils have greater control over their online data. Custom disposition rules allow for flexibility in defining retention periods, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while adapting to evolving needs.

  3. Save Money: Streamlining the process of responding to record requests can result in significant cost savings. By quickly locating and producing the necessary data, councils can efficiently manage requests of any size and complexity.

  4. Stay Compliant: Compliance with social media retention requirements and public records laws is crucial for public entities. Social media archiving ensures adherence to these regulations, facilitating seamless responses to FOI, eDiscovery, and litigation requests.

  5. Get Total Visibility: A centralised location for managing online presence provides councils with comprehensive visibility into their social media accounts. This enables efficient collaboration and ensures that all stakeholders have access to relevant information.

  6. Peace of Mind: Active monitoring features alert councils to any changes or connections made to their accounts, providing peace of mind and eliminating surprises. This proactive approach helps maintain data integrity and enhances overall security.

  7. Improve Social Media Effectiveness: Powerful analytics gives insight into activity metrics, audience insights, and sentiment analysis. These include social network usage, general sentiment trend, top commenters, social media activity comparison, alert history, and top conversations by sentiment.

Is social media archiving right for your organisation?

Features that allow you to capture and preserve with ease and simplicity

  1. Comprehensive Archiving: Capture and preserve all social media content in one secure location, including posts, comments, and interactions across multiple platforms.

  2. On-Demand Data Access: Easily access archived data to support requests and generate reports as needed, with the ability to retrieve data in real time.

  3. Near Real-Time Capture: Capture content in full resolution and near real-time, even if it has been edited, deleted, or hidden, ensuring accurate documentation.

  4. Blocked List Management: Maintain a single list of blocked users and pages for all managed accounts, with clear timelines and supporting evidence to defend actions.

  5. Advanced Search: Quickly find and export records using filters, keywords, and custom tags, facilitating efficient data retrieval and management.

  6. Accurate Context Preservation: Preserve the authenticity of records with digital signatures, timestamps, and unmodified metadata, ensuring accurate representation of content.


Social Media Archiving is an invaluable tool for councils looking to harness the benefits of social media engagement while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements. By implementing a comprehensive archiving solution, councils can streamline their processes, minimise risks, and enhance their online presence with confidence.

Looking for more information on how Social Media Archiving can assist your organisation? Read more about the solution here or arrange an online demo today!

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