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Are you missing important records?

We all know the importance of records, right? Well at least those of us with a background in Information Management do. That’s why we spend time and money making sure that we are capturing records into an EDMS.

Unfortunately, not all users on the coal face who receive and create important documents understand the importance of the record. Balance that with the pressure of having to deliver more with less, it’s no wonder that records may not get registered correctly or even at all (Gasp, Shock, Horror).

That is why Redman Solutions developed RedOffice, to help users of TechnologyOne’s ECM, capture their records at the point of creation or versioning right from Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. With an easy-to-use interface from within an already known Office application users can leverage the power of Quick Add Profiles (QAPs) to simply register documents with minimal clicks. Going further than just providing QAPs, users can search and link Customers, Subjects, and any other indexes they have access to in ECM. There is no need for a user to finish the registration process in ECM as documents registered with RedOffice are completely registered. Not only can users register documents like Word and Excel, they can also register one or many emails right from Outlook. RedOffice automatically links to the right customer index, gets the right document date, author and even sets the precis, decreasing registration time and increasing end user registrations.

Since implementing RedOffice, we have seen a significant increase of up to 20% of daily registrations.

Micah Nuske, Corangamite Shire Council

Corangamite Shire Council knew they weren’t capturing all of the records being created but were surprised that the daily increase of registration grew by nearly 20%. The team at Corangamite are happy with the daily increase as this is giving the Information Management team confidence that records are not being left out in the wild.

Are you leaving records in the wild?

Discover how RedOffice can help you capture more of your records

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