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Highlights from our Inaugural Resolve User Forum

While we regularly interact with our clients and gain valuable feedback on their meeting management practices, there’s something to be said about connecting everyone to share ideas and insights. This month we held our inaugural Resolve User Forum. A one-day hybrid event that allowed key users to be part of our growing community.

With clients joining us from Australia and New Zealand, we discussed how Resolve Meeting Management is becoming widely adopted to manage the most important process in council – the council meeting process.

Here’s an overview of how the User Forum unfolded and the highlights. A huge thank you to everyone involved – we’re already planning our next session and eagerly anticipate getting everyone together again.

Client Presentations – Transforming the most important process in council

One of the highlights from the User Forum was the opportunity for clients to share their Resolve journey and how the solution works for them. Two generous clients shared their experiences, creating a discussion around shared learnings for established and new users.

Wyndham City Council enlightened us on how they use their intranet to help end-users navigate Resolve. Along with refining their templates and making them fit for purpose, they have uploaded them to ensure they are easily accessible at any time.

It’s apparent that this has contributed to increased stakeholder engagement across council and helped to create more visibility and participation. Wyndham City Council has elevated their meeting experience and now uses Resolve across other departments, including its Executive Leadership Team. The presentation was a perfect example of how to effectively manage organisation-wide change that truly makes an impact.

A presentation from Tweed Shire Council followed this. They took us on a journey of how Resolve was set up for success and discussed the importance of selecting a solution that would enhance the end-to-end meeting process. Tweed Shire Council engaged councillors to be part of the process from the beginning, resulting in a streamlined transition that has transformed how they run their council meetings.

Along with this, they explained how council is now saving a minimum of 20,000 pieces of paper per year since implementation. The entire forum was impressed at how they went from one staff member working two full days printing and binding agendas to running paperless council meetings. Read Tweed Shire Council’s Success Story here.

What’s on the Horizon – Presented by Kurtis Redman

Client Success Manager Kurtis Redman co-hosted the User Forum and gave a sneak peek into the future of the Resolve platform and how it will further be developed to support the most critical process in council.

He shared the vision for Resolve as well as some enhancements that were in the works. We were all intrigued by what the next rollout will look like, and he provided an opportunity for clients to discuss important areas for them during their various implementation stages.

Having our clients be part of this process and provide their valued feedback is fundamental to our success. Resolve Meeting Management is ever-evolving to help suit the needs of local government, and this User Forum provided the perfect space for collaboration.

We can’t give too much away on the enhancement front – but watch this space!

Workshops – Current Challenges and Future Goals

With all clients at various stages of their Resolve journey, we wanted to share learned experiences and discuss current challenges each council faced with their current meeting process. Small breakout sessions were held, allowing everyone to discuss what was important to them and where they saw room for improvement – it was about giving everyone a voice.

Upon bringing the teams back together, it was clear that everyone shared the same challenges around the desire to increase transparency, improve the change management process, enhance stakeholder engagement and break the reliance on paper.

Elevating the meeting experience

It was reassuring to know that all attendees were on the same page when it came to their desire to elevate the council meeting experience. Our one-day User Forum provided us with more than just a chance to connect – it gave us all the opportunity to share knowledge and learnings and work together to evolve Resolve Meeting Management.

Thank you to our clients who gave up their time to join us – we can’t wait to see you all next year.

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