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Insights Report: 7 Key Technology Risks Undermining Trust in Local Government

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Without a high degree of trust amongst the community, council progress can stall or face backlash.

In the wake of COVID-19, councils are facing record demand for information about how they operate, distribute funds, and resolve societal issues. Meanwhile, remote working demands are making governance processes increasingly difficult to manage.

Modern governance technology helps councils manage the governance workload and build

community trust by making key processes more transparent, engaging, and efficient. However, the

most well-intentioned (and funded) investments are unlikely to deliver promised results if councils don't take a “people-first” approach to solutions.

We interviewed 35 governance leaders across the country to uncover shared challenges and best

practice to help councils around Australia maximise ROI on governance technology investments. In this exclusive report, you’ll learn the 7 key risks that other industry leaders are paying close attention to, and strategies your council can use to face them effectively.

Watch the video above for a sneak peek into the report

In this report, you will gain insights and tips on how to:

  • Make the council meeting process more efficient

  • Speed up the handling of informal public information requests

  • Get better participation and engagement around strategic initiatives

  • Avoid change fatigue + more!

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