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How RedOffice can help you transition to CiAnywhere

Do you have ECM 4.03, but users aren’t using CiAnywhere yet? What’s holding you back?

Transitioning users to CiAnywhere can be a big job, it is a new user Interface, new way to search, new way to interact with documents. That is why we have been introducing RedOffice to sites that are starting their CiAnywhere journey to assist with user transition.

Redman Solutions has a long history and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ECM (Some of us even still use the DW word, shhhh). This is how we have been able to develop countless custom integrations, build specific service offerings and create products all to improve the compliance and usability while adding value to your existing investment in ECM.

RedOffice is an Office level integration for TechnologyOne’s ECM. It enables users to register new documents, search & open, create copies, Check out and Check in ECM Records right from the office application. How can it help with your transition to CiAnywhere, I hear you ask?

By Introducing RedOffice early in the transition you are creating a user experience that will be consistent for users before, during and after the project which reduces angst and increases engagement and overall acceptance of your project.

We are currently working with several sites while introducing CiAnywhere with really great results. A recent client saw an increase of 20% in their daily record capture after the introduction of RedOffice all while receiving great feedback from the users about the improvement to the way they capture and version records.

Talk to Redman Solutions today to see how we can help you with your transition.

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