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Industry Insights Report: IPR and Technology

In New South Wales, Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) practitioners have the responsibility of maximising trust and performance of council by implementing the NSW IPR framework and sharing information with various stakeholders.

Technology is critical for successful IPR implementation but accessing the right information to make decisions on technology and systems can be difficult.

We interviewed 20 NSW councils to understand their IPR frustrations and uncover emerging best practices in terms of process, systems and technology. This report aims to present this data in a way that supports councils to manage this process and use technology to effectively support IPR activity.

Download your copy here.

Some insights from the report include:

The burden of data manipulation, validation and reporting: 68% of respondents said pulling reports easily vs having to do a lot of manual handling was their biggest challenge when it comes to reporting on IPR to external stakeholders.

Getting staff to take responsibility and ownership: 74% of respondents said getting staff to take responsibility and ownership was their biggest challenge when it comes to preparing and managing the suite of IPR plans.


Discover all the challenges, key takeaways and tips in this report.

Download your copy here.

Enjoy - Team Redman

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