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Meet Glyn Williams - Our New Zealand Country Manager

With a rich background in local government, a passion for client satisfaction, and a penchant for enjoying a glass of Pinot, Glyn Williams is definitely the right person to expand Redman’s presence within New Zealand.


We caught up with our NZ Country Manager to get to know him a little better. 


Tell us a little about your background - where are you from, and what led you here?

I was born and raised in Taranaki and studied in Wellington. I’ve been very fortunate to have a successful career in sales and marketing that has taken me from Australia to the UK and back here in NZ. 


You’ve got quite the history in local government. Can you tell us more about your previous roles?

In 2005, I joined OnStream Systems as CEO, and that was a turning point in my career. We were instrumental in revolutionising the building consent process in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, which really positioned us as a leading provider of local government solutions.


Over the years, I have built many relationships with local government professionals that are still standing today. I also had the opportunity to form close relationships with the team at Redman Solutions and have witnessed the company go from strength to strength.


So, why the move? Why come and join Redman?

I retired in 2018, but that only lasted three weeks—I got bored, and my wife got annoyed. I became involved with many SaaS start-ups and began consulting, but I really missed working within a team environment and collaborating with the sector. 


The reason behind my move to Redman was simple: we have shared values and a common goal of empowering local government through digital solutions. I have a renewed sense of purpose and love being part of the team. 


Now that you’re looking after New Zealand, what would you like to achieve? 

For me, it’s always been about alleviating the workload on local government employees and enhancing public access through innovative digital solutions. I also love that I’ve been able to reconnect with clients whom I consider more than partners; there’s a real friendship there. 


I look forward to expanding our presence in the region and driving positive change and innovation.

You can connect with Glyn here

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