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Norfolk Island needed a permitting system – and they needed it fast!

About Norfolk Island Norfolk Island is an external Australian territory, located some 1,412 km east of the mainland currently governed as a local government area subject to the laws of NSW. Uniquely, the Norfolk Island Regional Council is responsible for many services beyond the normal scope of an Australian council such as electricity, telecommunications, emergency management, household goods and supplies, and air and sea-ports.

Challenge The Norfolk Island Regional Council knew they needed to enhance controls for people entering and exiting the Island due to COVID-19. Further, they needed a robust yet simple way to manage their complete funding arrangements while enhancing community trust. Needing a timely solution, Norfolk Island Regional Council turned to Redman Solutions as public sector experts.

Solution Within 48 hours, Redman Solutions provided Norfolk Island Regional Council with a proof of concept. Redman Solutions quickly and accurately had the technology available to implement a border pass system that would allow returning residents and visitors to apply for an entry permit quickly.

As the exclusive partner for Australia and New Zealand, Redman Solutions provided Norfolk Island Regional Council with the cost-effective and agile Citizen Services suite. Working 100% remotely, Redman Solutions designed, developed, and implemented the new entry pass system that could automatically process entry applications and provide the island community with the confidence that they were able to quickly trace all visitors or returning residents.

Alistair Innes-Walker, Manager Commercial Services, Norfolk Island Regional Council said "Through Redman Solutions, Open Gov PLC allows us to quickly drag-and-drop to build workflows we need. The ease of use, speed of deployment and ability to scale was truly impressive".

The Norfolk Island Regional Council, at the request of the Australian Federal Government, is now rapidly expanding the use of PLC to enhance the services on offer at a lower cost. Given the platform's agility, the council will be rolling out driving licences and dog registrations in the coming weeks.

"Redman Solutions is now assisting the council to simplify the budgeting and planning process through the wider OpenGov platform." CEO of Redman Solutions, Michael Redman, said " As a team, we strive to be the first call for local government when they need to connect process and technology with people and purpose. OpenGov Citizen Services is a powerful customer service tool that enables digital application workflows that mirror your exact process for permitting and licensing approvals, with a visual progress meter that records all post-submission activity”.

To find out how you can rapidly deploy a system designed by the government for the government, contact Redman Solutions now.

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